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Malaria remains one of the most important public health concerns globally, with more than 3.2 billion people in 91 countries at risk of infection, according to the
2018 WHO report.

Early and accurate diagnosis of malaria is vital in the fight against the disease, so that specific treatment can be initiated to prevent complications and reduce mortality. The Sysmex XN-31 automated analyser can detect and count malaria-infected red blood cells (MI-RBC) within one minute with excellent sensitivity and specificity (Pillay et al*).


Clinical insight

  • Be confident fighting malaria: accurate enumeration and direct detection of the parasite facilitates reliable diagnosis.
  • Consistent standard LoQ (20 parasites/μL) independent of the operator’s skill.
  • All Plasmodia species are detectable.
  • The high precision supports reliable monitoring of treatment efficacy.
  • The concurrent CBC measurement provides clinicians with important information for clinical correlation.
  • Anaemia is a major contributor to mortality in malaria.
  • The degree of thrombocytopenia provides an indication of the severity of malaria.
  • The WBC count could be helpful to give an indication of other concurrent infections.


  • The XN-31 incorporates Sysmex’s proven technologieswell established for the haematology analysers.
  • By utilising this automated solution your lab canshorten the TAT while ensuring a highly sensitive detectionof malarial parasites.
  • Operating the analyser is easy and does not require amalaria expert.
  • The integrated sampler allows high sample throughputand walk-away time.
  • The MI-RBC parameters are stable and unaffected by room temperature, which enables the processing of specimens collected and transported appropriately from remote locations.
  • Maintenance requirements are minimal whilst being very simple and easy to execute.
  • Quality control material for malaria detection available.


XN-31 configuration stand-alone
Measurement principles MI-RBC and WBC: fluorescence flow cytometry
RBC and PLT: impedance method with hydrodynamic focussing
HGB: cyanide-free SLS haemoglobin
Aspiration volume: (venous blood sample)

[LM] mode*: 60 μL

[PD] mode: 70 μL (out of 20 μL blood + 120 μL diluent)


[LM] mode*: 55 samples/ hour

[PD] mode: 60 samples/ hour

Diagnostic parameters CBC + M channel: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, MPV, PDW, P-LCR, PCT, MI-RBC#, MI-RBC%
Research information information related to the life stage of the malarial parasite
Flagging information information on the malarial parasite species (Plasmodium falciparum or others)
Limit of quantification (LoQ)

[LM] mode*: 0.020 x 103/μL

[PD] mode: 0.040 x 103/μL

Quality control: Xbar or Levey–Jennings
XN Check material
Patient sample-based quality control (XbarM)
Dimensions (w x h x d)

Main unit including the sampler SA-10: 645 mm x 855 mm x 755 mm

Pneumatic unit: 280 mm x 400 mm x 355 mm


Main unit including the sampler SA-10: approx. 78 kg

Pneumatic unit: approx. 17 kg

Interface LIS (LAN port)

* LM mode: default sample measurement mode, PD mode: pre-diluted mode for samples with inadequate volume


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