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Sysmex Diagnostic Forum online 2021

The Diagnostic Forum is organised by Sysmex branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The event will be the perfect dialogue platform for you to discuss central diagnostic questions regarding infection analysis, malignancies and anaemia as well as available applications and their clinical benefits.

Participants can expect a number of different technological innovations and a professional exchange with high-level international experts. Take advantage of this varied platform to stay up to date and discuss with colleagues about future trends and developments in laboratory diagnostics. Discover Sysmex product innovations at our virtual Industry Exhibition and be impressed by emerging researchers and exciting research results at our Poster Session. 

To find out more visit the dedicated event page:

We are looking forward to meeting you at our virtual congress!


2021/03/10 | 09:30 — 12:00
Block 1 – Infectious diseases
Quick diagnostics and the deduced therapeutic measures for the treatment of infections (e.g. sepsis, malaria) can decide over life and death. In various talks, experts explain the role that laboratory medicine plays in this.
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2021/03/10 | 13:30 — 16:00
Block 2 – Anaemia diagnostics
Every case of anaemia requires thorough clarification and regular monitoring to give the patient the best possible therapy. High-ranking experts present state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies that provide valuable support.
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2021/03/11 | 09:30 — 15:40
Block 3 – Malignancies
Several speakers present cases of patients with various malignant diseases including diagnostics and therapy. The focus is on new methods and workflow improvements for more effective and more standardised laboratory diagnostics.
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