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Hamburg leaders visited Sysmex Corporation in Kobe

At the end of August, a delegation of high-ranking representatives, including Hamburg’s First Mayor Dr Peter Tschentscher, spent one day in Kobe as part of their tour of Japan and China.

On their journey through China and Japan, the delegation visited Port Island – a part of Kobe, Japan – where some of the delegates felt at home, since this area is very similar to the Hamburg Hafencity (harbour city). Another parallel was also quickly found; both cities are built up of a cluster of life science research centres, where innovative companies with forward-thinking technologies found a new home.

Sysmex Europe, Sysmex Deutschland, Research & Development Center Europe, and Sysmex Inostics are part of the Life Science community located in the Hamburg area. Since Sysmex plays an important role in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, the delegation visited our Sysmex headquarters nearby. Executive Vice President of Technology at Sysmex, Kenji Tsujimoto had the opportunity to explain Sysmex technology to Dr Tschentscher and the company is ‘lighting the way with diagnostics’.

Another highlight during the visit to Kobe was the meeting between medical Noble Prize winner Dr Tasuku Honjo and Dr Tschentscher. During the meeting, Dr Honjo pointed out, “Even though Hamburg and Kobe are doing research in the field of stem cells thousands of miles away from each other, we should strengthen the good cooperation in the future”.  

Sysmex is proud to have been a part of this city-connecting journey and is looking forward to the future development of the life science communities at both locations.

With this link you can also find a photo of all delegation participants, as well as a photo of the meeting between Noble Prize winner Dr Tasuku Honjo and Hamburg’s First Mayor Dr Peter Tschentscher.

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