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Digital Pathology

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you as a pathologist to see not just part of a tissue section, but the entire scan on a large screen? Or to be able to easily exchange images with your colleagues and quickly receive secondary advice thanks to teleconsultation? Sysmex offers a wide range of digital solutions for the pathology laboratory focused on tissue treatment, tailor-made especially for you - for both routine work and research.

Digital pathology scanners

Our digital pathology scanners create new possibilities for pathological research. Whether you use fluorescence (FL) or bright field (BF), the 3DHistech scanners meet all requirements. To make the most of the tissue material, it is necessary to produce high-resolution tissue sections. Due to the technology in the 3DHistech scanners, these scanners are among the fastest on the market in the highest possible resolution. A resolution of 0.24 µm/pixel is equivalent to 40x optical magnification and/or a resolution of 0.12 µm/pixel is equivalent to 80x optical magnification. After you have created an image of the tissue section, you can view and edit the result exactly as you wish.

Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) for a complete picture

As discussed above, the most important requirement for any scan is quality. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) plays an important role in this by providing a comprehensive view of your tissue section. Depending on your 3DHistech equipment, it is even possible to create 3D images. This ultimately speeds up the scanning time, because only tissues are scanned and no empty fields on the slide.

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