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A fit test is a test that checks whether a respirator, a full face or half mask, fits properly on the face of the person wearing the mask. Because mask wearers cannot be protected if there are gaps, it is necessary to test the fit before being released into contaminated air. A mask must separate a worker's respiratory system from the surrounding air. This requires the mask to be pressed tightly against the face, with no gaps, to ensure an efficient seal on the perimeter of the mask. When the size and shape of the mask fits well on the face of the wearer, it is better protected in hazardous workplaces.


Febelsafe is a supporting partner for the safety and well-being business and the abbreviation for The Belgian federation of manufacturers, distributors, service providers and the professional end-users in the field of safety and well-being.
Since 10/10/2022 Febelsafe has the Fit2Fit accreditation for performing fit tests in Belgium and Luxembourg.

OHD QuantiFit2

OHD QuantiFit2

The QuantiFit2: ready for face fit testing anytime, anywhere!

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