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Clinical Flow Cytometry

PS-10 sample preparation system
The PS-10 automates the entire sample preparation. The system makes individual cocktails and pipettes individual antibodies.

Rotolavit II-S washing centrifuge
The washing centrifuge performs all steps of the entire washing process at the touch of a button. Easily program up to 20 processes via the touchscreen.

XF-1600 flow cytometer
An innovative 10-color flow cytometer for the highest diagnostic requirements. The multi-award winning Silent Design of the XN series was the benchmark for the development of the brand new XF-1600.

The PS-10 and the washing centrifuge are now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. If you are interested please contact us.

  • Continuously growing portfolio of CE-IVD and RUO antibodies
  • In the PS-10 sample preparation system, custom panel designs can be standardized using programmable protocols
  • The PS-10 can also be used as a stand-alone system
  • Reagents from other manufacturers are compatible on the systems
PS-10 Automation

Automated sample preparation for flow cytometry in the lab
The PS-10 is designed to meet increasing demands in the laboratory. With the new sample preparation system, Sysmex offers you an intelligent automation solution for efficiency and flexibility in flow cytometric diagnostics.

The PS-10 is now available for the Dutch and Belgian market.

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  • The efficient workflow enables high sample throughput and intelligent data transfer
  • The XF-1600 features three lasers with high measurement precision, ensuring reliable analytical results
  • The software based on the XN series guarantees intuitive operation of the systems
Data management
  • The complete solution can be integrated into the LIS: from requesting the sample to the results
  • The interface between the PS-10 and XF-1600 allows a direct transfer of the work lists
  • The audit trail ensures full traceability of reagents, quality control and sample data


The PS-10 automates cocktail making and sample preparation

Rotolavit II-S

Rotolavit II-S

The Hettich Rotolavit II-S automates the washing of your flow cytometry samples



Clinical flow cytometer for immunophenotyping

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