Sysmex Nederland


Sysmex Nederland B.V. located in Etten-Leur and Sysmex Belgium N.V. are both controlled by a certified quality management system. The company’s centralized, overlapping structure means communication is short and efficient and uses the know-how that is available in the organization. In addition to the increased efficiency of using internal resources, the center supports all logistic, technical and scientific requests quickly and comprehensively.

The central task is to ensure customer satisfaction throughout our products’ lifecycle. In multidisciplinary teams, we supply customer services such as:

  • On-time deliveries of reagents and consumables
  • Instrument repair and maintenance, including hot-line support
  • Consultancy and management of complex laboratory installation projects
  • Integrated concept solutions and total lab automation
  • Continuous post-market surveillance and feedback of market requirements as design input for new product development
  • Customer event management


To a large extent the objectives of our company complement the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 29990, with which we comply. This is related to transparent and effective processes and continuous improvement as well as a focus on product safety and vigilance. With the ISO 14001 certification Sysmex Nederland and Belgium clearly demonstrates their commitment to reducing waste and recycling materials are appropriate. We follow ISO 21001:2018 (Design, development and delivery of educational services) for our courses and Sysmex Academy.

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