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Work Areas

Our work areas

We are always looking for talented and passionate professionals to shape the future of our business. You can contribute your talent, experience and ideas to the following work areas:


As a Sales Engineer (Account Manager) you are responsible for maintaining relationships with existing customers and recruiting new customers. Our customers are laboratories or other organizations where high-tech analytical equipment is used. Based on our Japanese philosophy we have a customer-centric approach, which means that a sustainable customer relationship is essential.

The products you sell are high-tech analytical systems. These solutions contribute to a variety of purposes: from diagnostics in healthcare to quality control in industry. As a Sales Engineer you are the first point of contact for the customer. You are not only an important link in the sales process, but also in the process afterwards. You will work closely with a team of Product Application Specialists, Project/Product Managers, Field Service Engineers and internal Business Partners.

Depending on the products you sell, you work in the Netherlands and/or Belgium (or a region thereof). You are mainly visiting customers. The rest of the time you work from home or you are at the office to meet up with colleagues. From time to time you have training sessions or meetings with our suppliers abroad or at our head office in Hamburg (Germany).

Field Service

As a Field Service Engineer you work in the field and you are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing our high-tech analytical equipment. After you have had a full training, you will take the first steps on the job. You will go out more alone step by step.

Your arrival is essential for the customer, you will try to solve his problem. It is precisely this appreciation that ensures that you drive home with a satisfied feeling.

You mainly work on location with customers and from home. You have a lot of contact with colleagues from planning, because they manage your agenda and work organization. Your work area is the Netherlands or Belgium (or a region thereof). We believe that you should have access to all necessary knowledge. So you regularly attend training courses, which often take place abroad.

Product Application

Sysmex is a knowledge company and is greatly appreciated for this. As a Product Application Specialist you are an important link within the organization. You have all the necessary application and product knowledge. When a new analyzer is installed, you take the customer by the hand. How do I take a measurement? How do I interpret a measurement result? In order to transfer your knowledge, you provide training to lab technicians at our training center or on location. This way a lab technician knows what he or she is doing while analyzing the samples. You also have an important role in the pre-sales process. You answer application-oriented questions from customers to give them a good idea of ​​our solutions. The choice of the customer partly depends on the knowledge we have in-house. And that knowledge is you!

Customer Service

Not all our departments relate directly to our products. Our administrative departments are the backbone that allows our colleagues in the field to focus on their core competencies. We need reliable and dedicated people to ‘run the home base’ and continuously improve the efficacy and efficiency of our processes in all areas.
This includes finance, controlling, IT, human resources management, Risk Management and QM. As part of our administrative teams, you’ll help us keep the ball moving - providing excellent service is important both internally and externally. Intensive interaction with regional headquarters and other EMEA affiliates for “best practices” contribute to this service-oriented “Sysmex spirit”. 


Customer Service employees are indispensable to ensure a smooth workflow of all internal processes. This includes various work areas such as orders, purchasing and planning. When a project is sold, all kinds of processes are set in motion. As a purchaser, you buy the requested items from suppliers and as a planner you ensure that the right people are available for installation. Because all kinds of factors influence the processes, it is important to stay sharp and to be in control.

You work at the office and from home. You are part of a team where you can get advice, but also function as a critical sounding board. You have contact with people from the field such as Sales Engineers and Account managers, Field Service Engineers and Product Application Specialists. Furthermore, the customer satisfaction largely depends on you.


The marketing team is responsible for all Sysmex marketing activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Online marketing is an important part of the daily work. This includes managing social media or optimizing our website (SEO). The team also sets up sales campaigns and create content. In addition, the team is responsible for organizing events and producing marketing materials such as brochures and roll-ups.

As a marketing officer you are part of the marketing team and you collaborate with colleagues from sales and application. You will be in contact with the marketing communication department at our head office in Hamburg. You work at the office and from home. From time to time you are on the way to an event or to a customer for a special project. Sometimes you are in Hamburg to set up new marketing projects at EMEA level.


Not all areas of work are directly related to our products. Our support departments form the backbone allowing our colleagues in the field to focus on their core competencies. We need reliable and dedicated people to "run the home base" and continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes in all areas. This includes Finance, IT, Facilities, Quality Management and Human Resources. As part of these teams, you help keep the ball moving - providing excellent service is important both internally and externally. Intensive interaction with the regional headquarters and other EMEA affiliates for best practices contributes to this service-oriented 'Sysmex Spirit.

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