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De-escalation of surgery in suited patients is beneficial for you and your patients

In Europe, more than 600,000 men are newly diagnosed with a urological malignancy each year,1 with prostate cancer being the most frequent. If they are found early, these kinds of cancer are highly treatable and in some cases, surgery alone can be curative.2-3 Yet the standard procedure often includes extended lymphadenectomy which may lead to serious post-surgical morbidity. A less invasive alternative, the sentinel lymph node biopsy approach, is currently being evaluated in several trials with very promising outcomes.4-6

Sysmex is supporting the advancement of healthcare with an innovative solution.

  • Your patients can avoid unnecessary lymphadenectomies and related morbidities thanks to the sentinel lymph node biopsy concept.
  • You no longer need radioactive markers to detect sentinel lymph nodes as the Sentimag®/Magtrace® system detects them magnetically.


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