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Elemental analysis

Elemental analysis is frequently used in research and quality control. For qualitative and quantitative analysis systems might need a specialized configuration to be suitable for the intended application. The product and application specialists of Sysmex use their expertise to ensure that users work with the right configuration. Elemental analysis is for example used in:

  • Chemistry
  • Environment
  • Metals and precious metals
  • Mining
  • Nutrition
  • Petrochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Polymers

To analyse elements Sysmex offers spectrometers from SPECTRO. There are different types of spectrometers, such as Metal, XRF and ICP-OES analyzers.


SPECTRO is a German company founded in 1979. Worldwide SPECTRO has four hundred employees and is market leader in metal analysis. Furthermore, SPECTRO is one of the most important brands for XRF and ICP spectrometers. SPECTRO is a reliable partner of Sysmex for over 20 years.

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