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XRF Spectrometers

XRF, also known as X-ray fluorescence, is used for quality control and R&D in various industries. You can contact us for all your questions about analysis and the purchase of an XRF spectrometer.

Is XRF suitable for my application?

Various analysis techniques are available to perform an elemental analysis. The techniques listed below are common in laboratories and are able to analyze multiple elements in one measurement (multi-element analysis):

  • XRF: elements detectable at low ppm level
  • ICP-OES: Elements detectable at low ppb level
  • ICP-MS: Elements detectable at low ppt level (also isotopes)

An important parameter for the choice of analysis technique is the expected concentration level. In addition, the nature of the material and the elements of interest determine which technique is most appropriate. The major advantage of XRF spectrometry is the non-destructive nature in which powders, solids and liquids can be analyzed directly without sample preparation. This ensures that the technique can be easily implemented in a lab or production environment, but also in the field.

Sample preparation at XRF

As already mentioned, it is possible to directly analyze solids, powders and liquids with an XRF spectrometer. It is important to work with homogeneous representative samples. Powders and liquids are then immediately filled into a sample cup and are ready for analysis. For some applications, the analysis results can be further optimized by editing the sample:

  • Pressed Pellet: method in which powders are mixed with wax and pressed under pressure into an even pellet.
  • Fused Bead: method in which high-temperature powders are melted together with a flux and cooled to an even glass bead.


Which XRF spectrometers are on the market?

Different types of XRF spectrometers are available:

  • Handheld XRF: Also known as the XRF scanner. Suitable for sorting metal and for screening organic and inorganic material.
  • Micro XRF: suitable for analyzing non-homogeneous samples or samples with a small analysis surface such as jewelery and precious metals. This technique can be used for both mapping and spot analysis.
  • Mobile XRF: suitable for performing on-site analyzes.
  • Benchtop XRF: suitable for laboratories and production environments.


Our spectrometers

We have been the official partner of SPECTRO since 1996 and exclusively distribute their full range of ICP-OES and ED-XRF spectrometers. SPECTRO's systems are known for their innovation, robustness and accuracy. Through our many years of close cooperation, our own product application specialists (PAS) have in-depth knowledge and are able to support you in choosing the right spectrometer and help you set up your applications. Our PAS provides training for your analysts and you can always contact them with questions. In addition, our service engineers do their utmost to help you during malfunction or maintenance. If you are interested in the possibilities of our XRF spectrometers for your application, we would be happy to drop by for a discussion. Subsequently you are welcome for a demo to gain experience with our equipment.

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