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Rion VM-56

Measurement values

In accordance with SBR
Maximum weighted vibration value veff, max
Maximum veff over 30-second cycle veff, max, 30

In accordance with DIN
Peak particle velocity |v|max (PPV)
Dominant frequency fmg (D.F.)
Weighted vibration maximum value KBFmax
Maximum cycle-averaged KBF value KBFT

In accordancewith ISO
Corrected acceleration effective value Acc.
Maximum transient vibration value MTVV
Vibration dose value VDV
Crest factor C.F.

Othersbr /> Displacement (0-p value) Disp.
Combined PPV for 3 axes PVS

Time waveform of acceleration signal a(t)

1/3 octave band analysis value (Option)
Time-weighted time average, maximum acceleration 
Band maximum OA for 3 axes combined Law<

Measurement frequency range 0.5 Hz to 315 Hz
Measurement range

Vibration velocity: 0.03 to 100 mm/s
Weighted vibration amount: 0.02 to 100 mm/s (Reference 16 Hz)
Maximum absolute waveform value: 0.05 to 100 mm/s (Reference 16 Hz)
Vibration acceleration: 0.0003 to 10 m/s2
Displacement (0-p): 0.01 to 10 mm (0.5 to 4 Hz)


Measurement range compliant with SBR-Deel B
Vibration velocity: 0.02 to 100 mm/s (Frequency bandwidth 1 to 80 Hz)

Power supply and battery life AC adapter NC-98 series
Battery life: 24 hours or more, constant operation (depending on settings)
By using external batteries the battery life can be extended up to 15 days
International protection rating Dust and water proofing: IP54 rating (for main unit)
Water proofing: IPX7 (for accelerometer PV-83D)
Accelerometer (PV-83D) Rated sensitivity: 60 mV/(m/s2)
Dimensions Approx. 175 (H) x 175 x (W) x 40 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 780 gram (incl. batteries)
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