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NOVEOS allergy testing system

NOVEOS is a new technology for routine IgE allergy testing. It combines proven technologies with innovative methodologies that deliver higher quality results and reduce operational costs through improved efficiency. NOVEOS was developed using extensive input from labs and clinicians around the world and with the knowledge of the shortcomings of existing technologies within allergy testing.

The lowest sample volume

One of the most unique features of NOVEOS is that allergy tests require only 4 µl sample volume. Especially for pediatric patients this a great step forward. Not only is it more difficult to draw blood from pediatric patients, the chances of traumatic experiences are also reduced. In addition, redraws occur less often.

*Data on File. Pain Points Market Research, May 2019.

High sensitivity and minimal interferences

The NOVEOS system utilizes microparticles that are approximately 1μm in size, each smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Each test contains more than 35 million high capacity paramagnetic microparticles, providing superior surface capacity for high sensitivity. In addition, the NOVEOS IgE assays have a non-competitive indirect design that limit the impact of interferences. As a result, measurements are unaffected by biotin, IgG/IgG4 or cellulose-based CCD interferences. The NOVEOS assay design is a true innovation and produces allergy test results that you can trust.



Sample positions


Test capacity per run

Up to 1200 tests per run when plumbed (vaste afval afvoer)

Maximum capacity

10500 tests

Allergen capacity

Up to 140 allergens on board

Analysis time

~100 tests p/h after first test result


156.2 (L) x 129.5 (H) 82.6 (D) cm


400 kg


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