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2-Channel Charge Amplifier UV-16

The UV-16 is a 2-channel charge amplifier that is compatible with the input of piezoelectric accelerometers and accelerometers with built-in preamplifier. A multi-channel charge amplifier can be configured by coupling together a maximum of 16 units and 32 channels.


On-board integrators allow the direct measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement. The UV-16 has a clear backlit display which shows level (as both numeric and a bar graph display) and important measurement parameters including whether the unit is measuring acceleration, velocity or displacement

  • 2-channels
  • Microdot connector
  • Piezoelectric accelerometer
  • Accelerometer with build-in preamplifier 24 V, 4 mA
Measurement modes
  • ACC (acceleration): m/s², VEL (velocity): mm/s DISP (displacement): mm
Sensitivity settings

Setting range:

  • 0.100 to 0.999 in 0.001 intervals
  • 1.00 to 9.99 in 0.01 intervals
  • 10.0 to 99.9 in 0.1 intervals


  • pC/(m/s²) (piezoelectric accelerometer)
  • mV(m/s²) (accelerometer with build in preamplifier)
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