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Freeze Dryers

Freeze drying or lyophilisation is an industrial method that has been used for many years for the preservation of food and medicines. Freeze drying is based on the principle that the low temperature causes the water molecules in the substance to be dried to form crystals, which then evaporate, or rather sublimate, in very dry air (sublimation: the direct conversion of a solid to a gas).

Sysmex offers a wide range of professional freeze dryers that are suitable for various applications used in laboratories or manufacturing processes. Sysmex is the official distribution partner of SpScientific - VirTis. VirTis offers solutions for every freeze-drying need, such as drying leaves and berries for analysis, tissue banks, HPLC sample preparation, research and development and the manufacture of diagnostic kits and medicines, to name just a few applications.

About SP Scientific - VirTis
VirTis was established 1953 and has manufactured freeze dyers since 1957. There were no standard laboratory freeze dryers at that time, and scientists were limited to small freeze dryer runs using alternative cooling agents such as dry ice.

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