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Atago - Leader in refractometer technology

Refractive index, a parameter indicating the interaction of a medium with light of a specified frequency, is easy to measure and can be used to identify liquids or solids, or to determine the amount of solids in a liquid. In food industries, refractometers are widely used to accurately measure the percentage of sugar dissolved in water.

The refractive index (RI) is converted directly into the sugar concentration (Brix scale), and by accurately measuring the temperature at the prism, the heart of the refractometer, the result is corrected for temperature effects. For solids, refractometers can be used to identify precious gems. Hand refractometers, both analog and digital, are widely used to determine the right time of harvesting for apples, oranges, tomato’s, strawberries, etc.
For laborary use advanced models are available with high resolution and accuracy. Sysmex Nederland/België is distributor for Atago, leader in refractometer technology since 1940.

The Brix is an indicator of the quality of fruits and vegetables. The higher the brix, the better the flavor and the smaller the chance of rot.

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