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GPC / SEC System

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) systems are used in various industries for research and quality control. GPC works on the basis of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and is suitable for analyzing molecular characteristics. Some of the most common applications are related to polymers and proteins. We offer the GPC systems from Malvern Panalytical. If you have any questions, our application specialists will be happy to assist you.

What is GPC/SEC?

GPC is an analytical technique that separates dissolved macromolecules by size based on their elution from columns filled with a porous gel. GPC is also known as SEC. Figure 1 shows the measurement principle of GPC/SEC.

Why use GPC/SEC?

Our multi-detection GPC systems are equipped with four detectors can measure absolute molecular weight, molecular size and intrinsic viscosity, and generate information on macromolecular structure, conformation, aggregation and branching. You can check the complete workflow in figure 2.

By using GPC to measure molecular weight and these other properties, researchers can characterize molecules such as synthetic polymers, as well as natural polymers such as polysaccharides. With this technique:

  • Polymer chemists control polymer strength, toughness and performance
  • Pharmaceutical producers gain insight into the behavior of medication
  • Food producers better understand the product performance and quality.

Which characteristics can you analyse?


  • Absolute molecular weight
  • Oligomeric composition and aggregation
  • Protein size and density
  • Conjugate composition
  • Second virial coefficient


  • Absolute molecular weight
  • Molecular weight distribution
  • Branching and structure
  • Molecular size
  • Copolymer composition
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