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Faeces analysis

Analyzing faeces is a field that focuses on examination of intestinal disorders. Faecal analysis is an important part in determining the correct diagnosis in patients with abdominal complaints. Sysmex offers various solutions for faeces diagnostics.

Intestinal polyp and colon cancer

 The detection of human hemoglobin (occult blood) in stool samples can be an indication of colon cancer. This quantitative test is for example used in population studies. The FOB Gold tube used for sample collection is extremely hygienic and easy to use for both the patient and the laboratory. This tube can be analyzed on most chemistry routine analyzers in use without pre-treatment and without de-plugging. To meet the wishes of laboratories that want to realize a separation of the analysis of serum / plasma and faecal samples, the tube can be offered on a dedicated table model analyzer for only faecal diagnostics: the SENTiFIT 270.


Crohn's disease, IBD and IBS

 By measuring the amount of calprotectin in faeces you can analyze the cause of abdominal discomfort. There is a distinction between diseases of the colon (IBD = Inflammatory Bowl Disease) or disorders in the area of ​​an irritated bowel (IBS = Irritable Bowl Syndrome). Well-known diseases of the colon are Crohn's disease and inflammation of the colon (Ulcerative Colitis). Sysmex offers the CALiaGOLD tube / test for the analysis of the calprotectin concentration in faeces. The tube has the same user-friendliness as the above-mentioned FOB Gold tube for the patient as well as for the laboratory. This tube is analyzed without pre-treatment and without decapping on the dedicated analyzer for faeces diagnostics: the SENTIiFIT 270. Since many people in the Netherlands are familiar with the tube (and thus the sample collection) of the colon cancer screening test, the same logistics could be used for the CALiaGold tube. The patient takes the tube home and returns the tube to the laboratory by mail after sample collection.

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