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Sound level meters

Sound level meters or decibel meters can be used for various studies. For example, sound level meters are used to measure noise pollution (e.g. neighbor nuisance, traffic noise, or nuisance from catering/events). Noise measurements are also used to prevent nuisance (e.g. measuring building acoustics in new construction or renovations). Buying or renting the right sound level meter is sometimes quite difficult. We are happy to help you with this. Would you like to see our products immediately? Then scroll down.

Professional sound level meters

Sysmex supplies measuring equipment for the professional user. That is why we work with high-quality meters that meet a traceable IEC 61672 standard for both class 1 and 2. Sysmex has been the exclusive distributor of Rion sound level meters for more than 40 years. Rion is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sound and vibration. Sysmex has sound meters with third-octave bands, FFT analysis, waveform recording, registration/log options and also has an RvA accredited laboratory (registration number K104) for calibrating all meters.

Our sound expertise

Class 1 and 2

Sound level meters class 1 and 2

A noise expert generally works with a class 1 sound level meter. The Rion NL-53 is one of the most used meters by professionals. Depending on the usage situation, a class 2 sound level meter can also be compensated. The biggest differences between classes 1 and 2 are the price and the accuracy of the noise measurements.

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Online monitoring

Online sound monitoring

One trend is the installation of unmanned sound level meters where the measurement data can be viewed online. The sound level meter transmits real-time data to a secure web server, making the data accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. If a limit is exceeded, notifications will be sent automatically.



We also recently added the personal noise dosimeter NB-14 from Rion to our range. A personal noise dosimeter measures noise exposure for an individual working in a noisy workplace.

Noise sources and contact noise

Noise sources and contact noise

In addition to sound level meters, Sysmex also supplies noise sources and equipment for impact noise. Noise sources are used to create a sound field for performing reverberation time, sound insulation and control measurements. Sysmex supplies products from Ntek for this purpose. The company designs, develops and combines solutions that combine simplicity and design with excellent quality.



The SonoCat is a handheld spherical microphone array, designed to measure sound field properties such as 3D sound intensity, sound pressure and in situ sound absorption. Measuring sound absorption in situ has the great advantage that the actual performance of an absorbing material can be measured at the location where it is installed. You do not have to bring the material to a laboratory. You bring the measurement equipment to the actual situation.

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