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Hand Hygiene


Health care-associated infections touch millions of patients every year. Additional Infections cause extra illness and morbidity, prolonged hospital stays, a higher financial load on the health-care system, increased resistance of microorganisms and often the loss of lives. Most infections, however, are preventable by a good hand hygiene.

Nursing homes

Residents of care homes are more susceptible to infectious diseases because of their reduced resistance. Include the fact that infections spread faster through shared air, water and care and the importance of good hand hygiene becomes clear. The use of a hand hygiene scanner not only provides training for the healthcare staff, but also for the residents themselves. In this way, care centers can improve their hand hygiene standard and offer residents a safer living environment.

Food industry

Hand hygiene likewise plays a crucial role in food safety, both in manufacturing and in selling. A good hand hygiene interrupts the fecal-hand-oral route, which is the most common source of foodborne illness.

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