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Acoustic Cameras

Sound source localisation

Sound source localization is made very easy with acoustic cameras. Acoustic cameras from CAE are using Beamforming-methods for localization. The results are presented as a colored acoustic picture or acoustic movie and are easy to interpret for everybody. With this powerful acoustic tool it is possible to make acoustic optimization not just for sound design and NVH but also for failure diagnosis e.g. gear or leakage detection on engines. In addition, this camera is also often used in building acoustics, high voltage and even animal studies.  Furthermore the acoustic camera is an important tool for noise reduction e.g. machine covers or buildings. Some of the countless possible applications can be found on the CAE website.


The Noise Inspector is a unique modular system which makes it an optimal solution. It is possible to expand the acoustic camera with an additional microphone array to open up new fields of application. For very fast troubleshooting an upgrade with an intensity array or an acoustic compass (3D acoustic intensity probe) offers you a high performance acoustic camera for every application.

Our real time software Smart Vision on the mountable tablet turns the acoustic camera into a handheld device with up to 100 acoustic pictures a second on the touchscreen.


The SoundCam family of products opens up many new possibilities for mobile and stationary acoustic sound source localization. There are four different SoundCam products for sound source localization. By using the new MEMS microphones, among other things, analysis and localization of ultrasonic sources is possible. Optionally, software on the PC can be used to collect time domain data from all microphones for post processing. Either the Noise Inspector software can be used for post processing or with our open data format own software can be used.

The given frequency range below the microphone array are suggestions from practical usage. The simple data acquisition is possible from 20 Hz. Of course you can use the microphone array of the acoustic camera in different frequency ranges.

The SonoCat is a handheld spherical microphone array, designed to measure sound field properties such as 3D sound intensity, sound pressure and in situ sound absorption. Measuring sound absorption in situ has the great advantage that the actual performance of an absorbing material can be measured at the location where it is installed. You do not have to bring the material to a laboratory. You bring the measurement equipment to the actual situation.

About CAE Software and Systems GmbH

CAE is a company located in Gütersloh, Germany. They are experienced in consulting in acoustics, structural dynamics, simulations and physical tests. Over the last 20 years they gained experience in developing acoustic- and vibration measuring systems, new measurement methods and special tests in particular focused on the acoustic camera. They offer solutions for different branches, such as mechanical engineering, consumer goods, home appliance, automotive, energy technology, and aerospace.

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