Sysmex Nederland

About us

Sysmex was founded in 1968 in Kobe (Japan). We are a manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic laboratory systems, reagents and IT solutions. Sysmex has approximately 9000 employees worldwide.

Sysmex Netherlands and Belgium were established in 2009. This was done by the acquisition of Goffin Meyvis, a well-known supplier of high-tech analysis equipment and Sysmex products.

In addition to Sysmex solutions, we decided to retain the entire existing portfolio and thus further develop all available expertise. We supply analytical equipment for:

  • Industrial companies
  • Research institutes
  • Government institutions and municipalities
  • Universities
  • Hospitals

Our 140 colleagues work daily on the trust of our customers and the optimal use of our products. You are always welcome to visit us by appointment in Etten-Leur (NL) or Hoeilaart (B).

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