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Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall BP 16 - centrifuge

  • Up to 7187 x g
  • Max. capacity 16 x 500 mL
  • Maximum speed 4 700 rpm


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Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall BP 16 centrifuge

Designed to maximize productivity for blood processing centers, Thermo Scientific blood banking centrifuges offer increased capacity that exceeds legacy centrifuge systems by 33%. Now capable of processing up to 16 × 500 mL blood bags, the design features of these centrifuges make working with large blood volumes easier and more convenient, while maintaining previously validated protocols.

Thermo Scientific Sorvall BP 8 and 16 blood-banking centrifuges include several features designed to enhance the user experience, including auto-door function; auto-lid function; Centri-Touch interface—bright, highly visible and glove-friendly display simplifies run setup with Thermo Scientific Centri-Cross function to convert existing protocols; Accumulated Centrifugal Effect (ACE) function—automatically adjust run time to account for and eliminate acceleration/deceleration variations that could otherwise lead to incomplete separation of platelet; Centri-Vue remote monitoring: check run status or see available centrifuges from the mobile app; and Eco-Spin technology: take advantage of energy savings of up to 64% using windshielded rotors.

The centrifuges are available in two models, offering the flexibility to select higher-capacity rotors or match existing workflows. For regular- to medium-throughput blood-processing needs, the Sorvall BP 8 and Heraeus Cryofuge 8 centrifuges provide 6 × 550 mL blood-bag capacity and, utilizing the same bucket system, are upgradeable to 8 × 550 mL bags. Sorvall BP 16 and Heraeus Cryofuge 16 centrifuges are designed for high-throughput blood processing with their 12 × 500 mL capacity and are upgradeable to 16 × 500 mL blood bags with the same bucket selections.

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Swinging Buckets Rotors
12 x 500 mL and 16 x 500 mL
4700 rpm
7187 x g



Protocol Traceability
Built-in Centri-Track run logging

Drive System
DuraFlex high torque brushless drive technology

Temperature Set Range
– 20 °C to +40 °C adjustable to 1°C

Imbalace Tolerance
125 g in opposite loads

Yes, 30 profile/speed/time triplets, up to 3 steps each

Green Technology

Refrigeration off when door opens; Eco-Spin windshielded rotors

15 programs

Run Time
1 min. – 99 min. 59 sec., continuous operation

Other Features
Multilingual selection, on-board training videos, user logging, user lockout, automatic door opening, automatic rotor ID, on-screen
display for imbalance, over temperature, stainless steel chamber



Height / Width / Depth
1 015 x 816 x 900 mm

230 V: 465 kg / 1025.2 lbs
400 V: 495 kg / 1091.3 lbs

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