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Speedwave XPERT

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Speedwave XPERT

De allrounder voor veeleisende microgolfontsluitingen.
Deze magnetron met hoge prestaties is bestemd voor complexe ontsluitingen van lastig monstermateriaal bij hoge temperatuur en druk. Het geavanceerde ontwerp van de magnetron biedt een combinatie van materiaal van hoge kwaliteit en innovatieve sensortechnologie en garandeert een hoge mate van veiligheid.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

From the top

Pressure monitoring
Optical in real-time; each vessel

Vessel temperature measurement

Optical in real time; maximium temperature

Sample temperature measurement
Optical in real-time; each sample

Magnetron power
2,000 W (2 x 1,000 W)

Basic instrument: 880 x 645 x 480 mm (W x D x H) with neutralization unit
Control unit: 224 x 137 x 152 mm (W x D x H)

Basic instrument: Approx. 59 kg
Control unit: 1 kg

Oven chamber
Approx. 26 l ; Round microwave oven for homogeneous microwave distribution and even heating of all samples

Oven chamber coating
90 µm PFA

USB, RS-232, 2 x Ethernet (also for printer connection), control via mobile devices possible

Vessel options
DAP-40X      40 ml    40  bar   230°C   24 vessels/turntable
DAP-60X      60 ml    40  bar   230°C   12 vessels/turntable
DAP-100X    100 ml   40  bar   200°C   12 vessels/turntable
DAP-100X    100 ml   100 bar   260°C   8   vessels/turntable

Range of applications Applicable for many types of samples, high level of flexibility for digestion at high temperature and pressure

Areas of application

Areas of application

Optimized for the digestion of challenging sample materials, Speedwave Xpert is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Pharma and cosmetics
    active ingredients, raw and final materials

  • Materials science
    building materials, ceramics, polymers, metals, alloys

  • Geology
    minerals and rocks

  • Environment
    ash, contaminated soils, slag

  • Energy
    coal, oil, energy

  • Foods
    samples with a high fat content

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