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Sysmex Opens Technopark East Site, a Bio-Diagnostic Reagent Base

Strengthening Diagnostic Reagent Functions through an Integrated Structure from the Development of Substances to the Development, Production and Distribution of Bio-Diagnostic Reagents

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) commenced operations of Technopark East Site, a bio-diagnostic reagent base located within Technopark, the Company’s central R&D hub (Nishi-ku, Kobe), in April 2019. We established this base to enhance our product competitiveness and ensure a stable supply of diagnostic reagents that leverage biotechnology (“bio-diagnostic reagents”) to expand our business in the hemostasis, immunochemistry and life science fields. As a result, we have integrated at Technopark the functions of developing substances for bio-diagnostic reagents and the development of reagents to their production and distribution, enabling us to provide customers around the world with a steady supply of higher-quality, higher-value-added products.
To promote the sustainable growth of the Sysmex Group, we aim to further expand the Company’s core businesses in the fields of hematology, urinalysis, hemostasis and immunochemistry. We also plan to increase business earnings centering on the life science field. In particular, as bio-diagnostic reagents are a source of value creation in the hemostasis, immunochemistry and life science fields, in February 2018 we began building a bio-diagnostic base on the east side of Technopark, our central R&D hub, to enhance product competitiveness and provide a stable supply of these reagents.

Sysmex has identified priority issues (materiality) with a view to realizing a sustainable society and achieving sustainable growth for the Group. As one of these issues, the Company has raised the “responsible provision of products and services.” To this end, we are strengthening our structures for the stable provision of products and promoting CSR-considerate procurement activities. Through sustainable development with our business partners, we aim to earn trust among stakeholders and instill confidence.

The bio-diagnostic reagent base, now complete, commenced operations as Technopark East Site in April 2019. Technopark East Site comprises three facilities: Bio Port, Bio Square* and Bio Cube.

Bio Port develops reagent substances and utilizes reagents’ analytical functions to augment reagent performance and quality, as well as contributing to faster development. This facility also has a production technology function to facilitate smooth scaling up from development to mass production and the aim of rapidly launching high-quality new diagnostic reagents.

Bio Square is charged with product manufacture and distribution, seamlessly linking the various processes—from substance procurement to manufacturing and delivery—in a clean environment with optimal levels of temperature and humidity to create a diagnostic reagent production environment that clears increasingly stringent global regulations. As a result, the facility approximately triples conventional productive capacity per amount of floor space and realizes a stable supply of bio-diagnostic reagents with even lower levels of disparity between lots. By utilizing the data that is visualized by incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into production lines, we will continue to actively standardize production processes, cultivate manufacturing personnel.

Bio Cube is equipped with an environment for producing substances, such as from genetically modified silkworms, that are necessary to produce reagent substances.

The opening of Technopark East Site enables Sysmex to integrate at Technopark the processes from the development of substances for bio-diagnostic reagents to reagent development, production and distribution. By ensuring a steady supply of higher-quality, higher-value-added products to customers around the world, we will contribute to human health.


Overview of Technopark East Site

Location:     4-3-2 Takatsukadai, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo (within Technopark)
Site area:     Approx. 29,400m2
Floor space:     Approx. 41,000m2
Investment:     Approx. ¥18.0 billion
Start of operations:     April 2019
Environmental considerations:

  • The facility is built to incorporate environmental considerations, with a reduced thermal load and integrated architectural design.
  • The facility has high-efficiency electrical and air conditioning equipment, as well as a heat-recovery type high-efficiency air conditioning system, that are energy-saving and meet the standards of Japan’s Top Runner program.
  • Sysmex has acquired the “S Rank” under the city of Kobe’s Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE Kobe).


*Expansion of the Seishin Factory of Sysmex International Reagents Co., Ltd.

May 8, 2018 press release: “Sysmex to Establish Bio-Diagnostic Reagent Center; Reinforcing Our Diagnostic Reagent Development and Production Function by Establishing a Location to Handle Integrated Development through Production and Distribution of Bio-Diagnostic Reagents”

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