FIT screening

Dikkedarmkanker, ook wel colorectaal carcinoom, is een veelvoorkomende ziekte onder voornamelijk ouderen. Het detecteren van dikke darmkanker in een vroeg stadium kan de overlevingskans van een patiënt aanzienlijk vergroten. Door gebruik te maken van een fecale immunochemische test (FIT) worden kleine hoeveelheden bloed (met behulp van antilichamen voor humaan hemoglobine) opgespoord in ontlastingsmonsters.

Sysmex biedt FIT-tests aan voor twee hoofdgroepen: grootschalig tests voor nationale of regionale bevolkingsonderzoeken, en symptomatische tests die hoofdzakelijk plaatsvinden in ziekenhuizen of klinische omgevingen. Lees hier meer over op onze FIT screening microsite

Practising the Sysmex Way

By Marie Aldag, Head of Human Resources for EMEA

“Working in HR at Sysmex is a pleasure. Of course, in my position, it’s exactly what you would expect me to say. Fine. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Working for the EMEA region, which covers, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we serve many different countries – each with its own national culture and historical background. We are lucky enough in Hamburg to work closely with all of them.

Despite this huge range of cultures and communities, the really amazing thing about Sysmex is not our diversity, however – it’s how remarkably similar we are. From Norway to South Africa and ‘old’ to ‘young’, there’s a real sense of joint purpose. Similar people seem to be attracted to a common goal.

Within the company, there is an underlying understanding. More than a set of generic rules or philosophical ideas, it is the sum of the stories we experience by working together. Typical Sysmex success stories are about high motivation and commitment of individuals, teamwork and trusting, long-term relationships. When we speak to clients about it, they tell us there’s a real point of difference – somehow we care.  

No matter how fast we grow, we want to protect this. It is one of, if not the most important company asset we have. Better than any model, it reflects who we are, as a company, and therefore as a brand. It gives us strength.

We invest every effort we can to protect our spirit across all levels of our organization so that we can continue to write success stories while living our values – inspiring, confident, unique, caring, heartfelt, active and authentic. Throughout our daily business.

Leadership in practise

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Growing your knowledge Visit our Academy
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