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Thermo Scientific MaxiSafe2020

  • Class 2 laminar flow cabinet with vertical flow
  • Available with internal dimensions of 900, 1.200, 1.500 of 1.800 mm length
  • Product, personnel and environmental protection
  • Conveniently located display and control panel
  • Aerosol-tight, electrical front window


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Thermo Scientific MaxiSafe2020

Thermo Scientific* Maxisafe 2020 Class II biological safety cabinets deliver maximum safety, comfort and convenience.
Cabinets feature an advanced design for easy operation and can be used wherever protection is of paramount importance in safety levels 1 to 3, including research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics/hospitals. The Maxisafe 2020 is compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards in the world and independently tested and certified to EN 12469 and to DIN 12980. It is ideal for preparing cytotoxic drugs and offers superior personnel and product protection with best-in-class air flow and triple-filter technology. Its exceptionally comfortable ergonomic design prevents user fatigue and promotes safe working habits. We've maximized energy efficiency for environmental protection and significant cost savings.
An additional segmented H14 HEPA filter system is used directly below the work area of the Maxisafe 2020, protecting inner air ducts, plenums and fans from contamination and providing a cumulative filtration efficiency of 99.99999975% to the downflow and exhaust airflow.

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