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Flow into the next levelof quality control
Alicyclobacillus spoiler monitoring that is fast and reliableAlicyclobacilli are frequently occurring beverage spoilers that can cause off-odours or -flavours in juices or juice-containing beverages. Because their spores are resistant to normal pasteurisation methods, it can be a challenge to remedy the situation once they are present in a production lot - and the resulting economic impact can be very high. 

A new detection system based on Flow VIT® technology now enables the fast and reliable quality control for Alicyclobacilli in all the stages of production of fruit juices, mixed drinks and fruit juice concentrates. This allows producers in the beverage industry to ensure product quality and pro-actively avoid economically damaging product recalls due to contaminated products.

What is the Flow VIT® Solution?
The Flow VIT® Solution is an innovative, highly specific and automated detection system for industrial microbiology. By combining the reliability and specificity of VIT® gene probe technology with the speed and objectivity of flow cytometric detection, it allows you to detect beverage spoilers faster and with less effort than classical culture methods, while at the same time avoiding false-positive results. 

This technology combination raises microbiological quality control to a higher level and paves the way for a fast and cost-effective microbiological monitoring of production processes.

Your advantages
Maximum detection specificity and reliability
Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus detects all species of the genus Alicyclobacillus. In addition, Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris (including its spores) is specifically detected in parallel. Only living cells are detected, thus avoiding false-positive results.

Fast and uncomplicated analysis
The Flow VIT® technology has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the beverage industry. Sample preparation and the analysis step are simple and quickly done. Due to the automated analysis using the CyFlow® Cube 6 flow cytometer, results for your samples are available within a few minutes. 

Objective evaluation
The 'human factor' no longer affects your results - the cytometer automatically and reliably detects labelled target cells and generates a report.

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