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The TH-11 is the next step towards a fully automated urinalysis work area. Opening all common urine tubes on the market ‒ no matter whether push top or screw top – the TH-11 eliminates another manual step in your workflow.

With its direct connection to the UN-Series analysers – either UC-3500 or UF-5000/UF-4000 – it seamlessly transports the decapped urine sample tubes to these analysers.

Included in the TH-11 is a start yard with a capacity of 14 racks, making it a perfect add-on for medium- to large-size laboratories who seek automation.

In biochemistry as well as microbiology laboratories the TH-11 can shorten your TAT and make urine sample handling more convenient than ever before.

With the automatic recognition of the sample tube type it becomes possible to insert different tube types into one rack and simply just walk away until all samples have been analysed by the UN-Series. This not only reduces the risk for potential contamination and infection, it also frees your hands for other important tasks in your daily work routine.

Dimensions TH-11
430 x 555 x 850 mm
(W x H x D) TH-11 with Wagon
430 x 1220 x 1085 mm
(W x H x D)
Weight TH-11 
Approx. 35 kg TH-11 with Wagon
Approx. 70 kg
Rack storage Up to 14 sample racks
Throughput 230 – 290 samples / hour (depending on tube type) *detailed specifications on compatible tubes are available in the IFU

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