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MC Plan user interface software

  • MC-2 is the Vega-GC operating system, with diagnostic features only.
  • MC-Tune runs on an external PC, so that the user can create and calibrate analytical methods, and download them into the instrument memory.


The software “MC-Plan”, hearth of the system, is very user friendly and flexible and allows in a complete automatic mode the environmental continuous monitoring management.
With more details, the software allows to:

  • setup automatic and continuous monitoring for activating the “Vega-GC” on selected days and hours 
  • control the multipoint sampler “Vega-MPS” and/or the EDU Concentrator 
  • see the time graph of concentrations per each gas sample point. 
  • calculate minimal, average and maximal values 
  • notify acoustic, visual and remote (SMS or e-mail) alarms for exceeding the desired set limits 

“MC-Plan” is also realized thinking to the different levels of operators experience, in order to protect the system from the eventual inexperience of users. The levels of control are:

  • “User mode”: to select methods, start routine analysis and read the results; 
  • “Expert mode”: to prepare the analysis methods; 
  • “Master mode”: for calibrations and technical configurations. 

“MC Tune”This software sets instrument parameters and calibrate the “Vega-GC”. It can be used only by righted users.“MC 2” software leads the Vega-GC using the “MC-Tune” settings, and gives the results to “MC-Plan”. Any user can have access directly to “MC 2”. In this way the system functionality is protected from human errors.



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