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Malvern Kinexus DSR

  • Grade testing to industry standards such as AASTHO, ASTM, and EN specifications
  • Full characterization of rheological behavior with Master Curves
  • Determination of mixing and compating temperatures
  • Formulation and quality control metrics
  • Blend testing of Warm Mix, Crumb Rubber and Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP)


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Comprehensive dynamic shear rheometer package to meet demanding research, product development and quality control requirements

Asphalt, or bitumen, is a petroleum product used in the road (pavement), roofing and construction industries. A mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons (varying with geographical source), this black viscoelastic material is considered to be a complex colloidal system.

Asphalt is used as a binder with aggregates in road (pavement) construction and as such determines performance and lifetime. Additives such as polymers, crumb rubber, oils, waxes, phosphates and pH adjusters are used to enhance mechanical properties in modified asphalt binders. Asphalt emulsions are also used as water-proofing and re-surfacing materials.

Rheological characterization by Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR) is the standard method of classifying asphalt binders for behavior over time and loading conditions, and in different climates.

While some still use viscosity (vis) and penetration (pen) methods for grading, the use of DSR grading methods provides a much broader range of information about the asphalt performance properties and its suitability for desired applications. This is especially the case with engineered binders; binders designed with elastomeric properties to reduce rutting, aging, thermal and fatigue cracking.

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Modes of operation
Direct strain control, Shear rate control, Shear stress control

Torque range
10nNm to 200mNm (Viscometry - Controlled Rate and Controlled Stress)

Torque range
5.0nNm to 200mNm (Oscillation - Controlled Strain and Controlled Stress)

Torque resolution

Position resolution

Angular velocity range
10nrads-1 to 325rads-1

Step change in strain

Frequency range
6.28µrads-1 to 628rads-1 (1µHz to 100Hz)

Motor inertia

Normal Force range
0.001N to 50N

Normal Force resolution

Normal Force response time

Vertical lift speed
0.1µms-1 to 35mms-1

Vertical lift range (measurable)

Gap resolution (over full vertical lift range)

Temperature range
-40°C to 200°C (Peltier plate and active hood cartridges)
-30°C to 200°C (Peltier cylinder cartridge)
0°C to 300°C (High temperature cartridge)

Temperature resolution

490 (W) x 485 (D) x 680 (H) mm


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