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Clinical Flow Cytometry

PS-10 sample preparation system
The PS-10 automates the entire sample preparation. The system makes individual cocktails and pipettes individual antibodies.

Rotolavit II-S washing centrifuge
The washing centrifuge performs all steps of the entire washing process at the touch of a button. Easily program up to 20 processes via the touchscreen.

XF-1600 flow cytometer
An innovative 10-color flow cytometer for the highest diagnostic requirements. The multi-award winning Silent Design of the XN series was the benchmark for the development of the brand new XF-1600.

The PS-10 and the washing centrifuge are now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. If you are interested please contact us.

Expert voice

Expert voice

More time for complex tests – Robert Lemke from the IMD Berlin talks about the new Sample Preparation System PS-10

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