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  • Fully automatic microscopic differentiation with image capturing and pre-classification of white blood cell
  • Standardisation of the manual differential blood count
  • Charging with a maximum of 96 slides in eight magazines on the DM96 or maximum 12 slides in one magazine on the DM1200
  • Access to databases from any location by means of Remote Review Software
  • Access to intranet, Internet and e-mail server

Cell Morphology Analysis

CellaVision DM1200 offer a high degree of automation. The user only has to put the barcode labelled slides into a magazine and place the magazine on the conveyor in the system. CellaVision DM96 can initially be loaded with eight magazines, each containing twelve slides, DM1200 can load only one magazine of 12 slides. Oil is automatically dispensed on the slide when it is loaded into the slide feeder unit. The process starts automatically and order data and patient information are transmitted from the Extended IPU  (EPU) or the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

All cell images and results are filed in a database which makes searching for previous results possible. Using the search function, slides belonging to a patient can easily be found in the database thus making it possible to follow morphological changes in the blood cells over time. Easy tagging, sharing of interesting cases and the ability to compare individual cell identifications, allows the laboratory to ensure standardised differential results.

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