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Distek Model 2500

  • Intuitive touch screen color display to maximize the user's productivity and operational control
  • Programmable thermocirculator wake up and sleep mode saves time and conserve energy
  • Hideaway self-priming thermocirculator improves temperature uniformity and heating time
  • Interchangeable USP compliant paddles and baskets significantly reduces transition times between apparatus 1 and 2 tests
  • Test volume flexibility ranging from 100mL to 4L


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Distek Model 2500

A descendent of the trusted 2100 Series, the Model 2500 offers a robust collection of system and user interface upgrades.
The Model 2500 Dissolution Test System offers ultimate flexibility and configurability while maintaining the reliability and ease of use that laboratories around the world have come to expect from the preceding four-generations.
New features include: a self-priming thermocirculator, wake up and sleep modes, integrated control of the optional Dosage Delivery System (DDS), USB printing, electronic qualification tracking and alerts, and an extensive list of user interface advancements intuitively accessed through the color touch screen display.
Distek has coupled these innovations with the core features of RPM and bath temperature monitoring, a seamless molded water bath, manual and automated methods, a smooth non-motorized drive head lift, and test volume flexibility (100 ml to 4 L).

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