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Angelantoni Smartfreezer

  • Fully automated system; robotic retrieval of the desired sample in less than 10 seconds
  • Individual sample retrieval guarantees no exposure of other samples to deteriorating warming events
  • Automatic tracking of the sample, complete history data of storage operations and inventory; no mix ups and losses
  • Sample identification by 2D or linear barcode
  • No operator exposure to liquid nitrogen

Angelantoni Smartfreezer

Angelantoni Smartfreezer® is the first fully automated Cryogenic System for individual storage and retrieval of vials in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen (-180°).

Sample protection, inventory management, traceability and operator safety are combined into a single device - Smartfreezer® - which offers the ultimate storage solution for Biobanks and Biorepositories, without sample exposure to transient warming.

Smartfreezer® can store different types of cryo vials (2D-barcoded tubes for 96 format racks or common 2mL cryo-vials), which are manipulated in a cherry picking mode. The robotic arm stores and retrieves samples in a sealed area with controlled humidity, thus preventing ice formation on the vials.

The on board computer controls the robot to guarantee a quick access to the requested sample without manual operation, preventing mix-ups, accidents and wastages.

All the information about user actions, sample locations, storage conditions and history are logged in the FreezerPro® software and could easily be integrated with an external LIMS.

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