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Work areas: The Sysmex jobs

We are always on the lookout for talented professionals to help shape the future of our company. You can contribute your talent, experience and ideas in the following areas:

Sales Organisation

Our sales organisation is responsible for calling on hospital labs, reference labs and private physician labs around the country. As the global number one in haematology and a provider of high quality, innovative products, we have an excellent reputation and high market share in Germany.

Our product instrumentation ranges from small bench-top systems to fully automated lines. As a sales professional you’re responsible for assisting customers develop laboratory instrument solutions that deliver reliable results and constantly improve efficiency with the latest technology. Selling diagnostic instrumentation is a complex process and project in which you are in constant touch with our Sysmex experts.

They include application specialists, lab consultants, lab automation experts, IT specialists and technical engineers for areas from product demonstration to implementing our systems. As part of our sales force, you’re likely to be a team player who enjoys dealing with highly qualified people in a challenging market.


Our Marketing team is responsible for managing marketing the overall Sysmex brand. This includes promoting and supporting our products throughout their lifecycle with brochures, training materials, advertising, trade shows and client events. As one of our marketing professionals you’ll help organise and manage medical studies that prove the efficacy of our analysers and work with researchers to publish papers or speak on our behalf. In addition, you help our sales organisation by developing and conducting surveys and providing research data needed to make to sound business decisions.

Technical and IT Services

As a field service representative, you are responsible for installing, maintaining and offering technical support for our analysers at our client sites. We also have software products specifically designed for laboratory needs. IT project managers install and support complex IT solutions at our client sites.

As one of our technical engineers you’ll have most direct contact with our clients and play a vital role in maintaining the technical quality of our products and professional relationships with our customers. To make sure you’re completely up to date and in the loop, you’ll be attending regular product, technical and IT training at our Sysmex Academy.

Customer Care Centre / Supply Chain Management

Purchasing and logistics, customer support and contract management professionals – these are varied teams. They’re responsible for Sysmex Deutschland’s end-to-end supply chain. They support our clients from point of sale to the implementation process and offer support throughout the product life at customer sites. They also underpin other Sysmex departments by coordinating the shipment of instruments, reagents and controls in accordance with the installation schedule – thereby improving our efficiency and reducing costs. Additional duties include compliance with contracts regarding invoicing, lease payments and monitoring reagent usage.


Not all our departments relate directly to our products. Our administrative departments are the backbone that allows our colleagues in the field to focus on their core competencies. We need reliable and dedicated people to ‘run the home base’ and continuously improve the efficacy and efficiency of our processes in all areas.
This includes finance, controlling, IT, human resources management, Risk Management and QM. As part of our administrative teams, you’ll help us keep the ball moving - providing excellent service is important both internally and externally. Intensive interaction with regional headquarters and other EMEA affiliates for “best practices” contribute to this service-oriented “Sysmex spirit”. 

Commercial Affairs

Our Commercial Affairs department is responsible for implementing the company marketing and sales strategy in numerous countries within the EMEA region. Our area managers provide essential support to our local partners - distributors and affiliates. Their aim is to maximise sales, service performance and customer satisfaction in the region.

In CA, you supervise sales progress, service efficiency, reputation and market image. Together with our local partners, you propose commercial and marketing actions adapted to turnover targets and our product range in line with corporate requirements. You also monitor and coordinate cooperation and communication with European headquarters for matters like product management, technical services, training and order processing.

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