FIT screening

Le cancer du côlon, également appelé cancer colorectal, est une maladie fréquente chez les personnes âgées pour la plupart. La détection du cancer du côlon à un stade précoce peut augmenter de manière significative le taux de survie d'un patient. En faisant usage d'un test immunochimique fécal (FIT), de petites quantités de sang (à l'aide d'anticorps anti-hémoglobine humaine ont été détectés dans) les échantillons de selles.

Sysmex offre des tests FIT à deux groupes: les tests à grande échelle pour la population nationale ou régionale, et des tests symptomatiques principalement dans les hôpitaux et les milieux cliniques. En savoir davantage sur notre microsite de dépistage FIT

Working together effectively in practise

Our leadership commitment is a great example of how we practise the Sysmex Way across our EMEA inner borders.

High performance and high company value depend on how people work together. They depend especially on the extent to which individuals are valued with respect to individual strengths and as a person. This is not a question of culture or religion, but an inherent human desire. We know that if we manage to create such a working environment, people will feel free and confident to use their skills and develop them.

Sysmex’s EMEA managers got together and drafted a “guideline” to ensure cooperation is based on trust and respect of individuals. They help us to:

  •     conduct discussions and communicate together
  •     deal with conflicts by using them productively
  •     set up transparent rules and learn to break them “intelligently”
  •     prevent negative developments like misuse of power in our organisation – not only on an individual level, but also between a holding company and its affiliates.

We call this our leadership ‘commitment’ because EMEA managers agree to commit themselves to following it as a benchmark for good leadership in line with the Sysmex Way. It is available to all EMEA employees via a learning platform.

It is also a powerful tool for developing managers’ interactive skills and further personal development. We believe it benefits our organisation and everyone with whom we interact by helping us make the Sysmex Way – that underlying common understanding we share - very tangible in our daily work.

It really is a pleasure working at Sysmex. 

Sysmex Way in practise

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