FIT screening

The FIT-based screening test is easy and therefore manages to attract high participation rates – the main driver behind the success of any national or regional screening programme. Generally, national or regional administrations assume responsibility for managing the logistics, financials and efficiency of the programme in close cooperation with their selected laboratory partners.

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Viscotek RImax

  • Relative molecular weight measurement and molecular weight distribution of polymers and proteins
  • Autosampler incorporated to increase throughput and improve repeatability
  • In line degasser and automatic eluent sensor for out of solvent warning
  • Column oven to give repeatable elution profiles
  • Advanced GPC/SEC software capable of going from data to results in just two clicks


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For reliable, repeatable and rapid results

The Viscotek RImax is a complete, GPC/SEC system suitable for the relative molecular weight characterization of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers, copolymers and other macromolecules.

The RImax is a modular system consisting of the GPCmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module, refractive index detector, column oven, plus the same powerful OmniSEC software used in the TDAmax research system.

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Mn, Mw, Mz, Mp, Mw/Mn, dn/dc, Weight Fraction (IV [η], Rh, Rg, Branching Number, Branching Frequency, Concentration, MH-a, MH-k, A2, dA/dc all optional)

Component 1
System: GPCmax
Pump flow rate: 0.01 to 9.99 mL/min, programmable soft start
Pulsation: Less than 1%, measured with viscometer
Degasser: Two channels, < 0.5ppm oxygen at 0.5mL/min, eluent sensor to stop pump when eluent runs out
Dimensions: 55 (W) x 38 (D) x 53 (H) cm
Weight: 37kg

Component 2
System: Autosampler
Capacity:120 vials, programmable sequence
Injection volume: Variable 20 to 150µL
Reproducibility: Better than 0.5%
Carryover: Less than 0.1%, depending on wash program
Cooling option: 4°C to 40°C, limited to 60 vials
Heated tray option: Up to 65°C limited to 60 vials heated, 60 vials unheated

Component 3
System: Refractive index detector
Measurement principle: Deflection
Light source: Tungsten lamp
Cell volume: 9µL
Purging: Manual, automatic and programmable
Data acquisition rate: 2Hz to OmniSEC

Temperature control range
35° - 55°C in 1°C steps - normal environment 
10° - 30°C in 1°C steps - cold room environment

Dimensions: 220 (W) x 350 (D) x 160 (H) mm 
Weight: 12kg

Detector (optional)
Detector:UV, Single wavelength programmable
Wavelength: 190 to 500nm
Light source: Deuterium
Cell volume: 10µL
Data acquisition rate: Analog, A-to-D with 5Hz to OmniSEC

Column Oven
Temperature control range: 10°C above ambient to 100°C
Capacity: Up to five 8mm x 30cm GPC columns
Internal dimensions:7 (W) x 4 (D) x 41 (H) cm

Laser safety: Class 1
Software:OmniSEC, 6 channels at 5Hz, unlimited acquisition time

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