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Viscotek RImax

  • Relative molecular weight measurement and molecular weight distribution of polymers and proteins
  • Autosampler incorporated to increase throughput and improve repeatability
  • In line degasser and automatic eluent sensor for out of solvent warning
  • Column oven to give repeatable elution profiles
  • Advanced GPC/SEC software capable of going from data to results in just two clicks


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For reliable, repeatable and rapid results

The Viscotek RImax is a complete, GPC/SEC system suitable for the relative molecular weight characterization of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers, copolymers and other macromolecules.

The RImax is a modular system consisting of the GPCmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module, refractive index detector, column oven, plus the same powerful OmniSEC software used in the TDAmax research system.

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Mn, Mw, Mz, Mp, Mw/Mn, dn/dc, Weight Fraction (IV [η], Rh, Rg, Branching Number, Branching Frequency, Concentration, MH-a, MH-k, A2, dA/dc all optional)

Component 1
System: GPCmax
Pump flow rate: 0.01 to 9.99 mL/min, programmable soft start
Pulsation: Less than 1%, measured with viscometer
Degasser: Two channels, < 0.5ppm oxygen at 0.5mL/min, eluent sensor to stop pump when eluent runs out
Dimensions: 55 (W) x 38 (D) x 53 (H) cm
Weight: 37kg

Component 2
System: Autosampler
Capacity:120 vials, programmable sequence
Injection volume: Variable 20 to 150µL
Reproducibility: Better than 0.5%
Carryover: Less than 0.1%, depending on wash program
Cooling option: 4°C to 40°C, limited to 60 vials
Heated tray option: Up to 65°C limited to 60 vials heated, 60 vials unheated

Component 3
System: Refractive index detector
Measurement principle: Deflection
Light source: Tungsten lamp
Cell volume: 9µL
Purging: Manual, automatic and programmable
Data acquisition rate: 2Hz to OmniSEC

Temperature control range
35° - 55°C in 1°C steps - normal environment 
10° - 30°C in 1°C steps - cold room environment

Dimensions: 220 (W) x 350 (D) x 160 (H) mm 
Weight: 12kg

Detector (optional)
Detector:UV, Single wavelength programmable
Wavelength: 190 to 500nm
Light source: Deuterium
Cell volume: 10µL
Data acquisition rate: Analog, A-to-D with 5Hz to OmniSEC

Column Oven
Temperature control range: 10°C above ambient to 100°C
Capacity: Up to five 8mm x 30cm GPC columns
Internal dimensions:7 (W) x 4 (D) x 41 (H) cm

Laser safety: Class 1
Software:OmniSEC, 6 channels at 5Hz, unlimited acquisition time

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