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Tosoh HLC-723 G11

  • Direct determination of stable HbA1c with less than 1% CV
  • 60 seconds analysis time per sample with variant detection
  • Automated warming-up, stop and wash features
  • High resolution chromatograms and excellent separation

Tosoh Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer

The Tosoh Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HLC-723 G11 Variant Analysis Mode is the newest addition to Tosoh's family of HPLC Analyzers. It has been specifically conceived to provide an answer to the ever increasing number of HbA1c requests and general need to optimize laboratory workflows. The G11 is a fast, precise and very user friendly instrument with tons of useful features.

The G11 has a very fast start-up time and daily checks are done in seconds. The analyzing routine only requires one push of a button and is done within 60 seconds in variant mode (30 seconds in standard mode). Results are shown on the very straightforward high resolution chromatograms. The G11 has automated stop and wash features and a customisable time to power off the unit. Furthermore, columns and filter changes are done in seconds. The HLC-723G11 is a high performance system that ensures smooth operation and trustworthy results.

In addition, the G11 has the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of modern laboratories by offering the unique opportunity to upgrade from 90 sample loader to 290 sample loader and laboratory automation models.

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Measurement principle
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)   

Analysis parameter
Standard mode*: Separation of A1a, A1b, F, lA1c, sA1c, A0
Variant mode: Separation of A1a, A1b, F, lA1c, sA1c, A0. Corrected HbA1c result, in the presence of some Hb variants.   

Aspiration volume
3 μL whole blood   

Standard mode*: 30 seconds per sample, 120 samples / h
Variant mode: 60 seconds per sample, 60 samples / h

* Will be available in a later stage with regards to XN-9100 integration

Integration with XN-9100

Integration with XN-9100

With the HLC-723 G11 Analyser from Tosoh integrated in an XN-9100 configuration, you can process your HbA1c orders in a fully automated way, from a single EDTA tube in a single run together with routine haematology testing. You can optimise your workflow and, if needed, it supports you with your pre- and post-analytical tasks, since you no longer need to sort your EDTA tubes manually for HbA1c orders in the haematology work area. The possibility of using a single consolidated EDTA tube per patient helps to save manual work, costs and improves patient management. To multiply your HbA1c processing capacity, you can expand your set-up and integrate up to six G11 modules.

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