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Thermo Scientific Heraeus Labofuge 300

  • Ideal for virus testing and blood processing
  • For centrifuging special blood collection tubes containing separation gel
  • Comes complete with a swing-out rotor and buckets for 7 to 15 ml
  • Max. capacity: 180 ml, max. speed: 4.000 rpm
  • Max. RCF: 2.028 x g


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Thermo Scientific Heraeus Labofuge 300

Thermo Scientific Heraeus Labofuge 300 is an economical small medical centrifuge supplied with a swinging bucket rotor.
Primarily used by medical practices and labs with low sample throughput, the Heraeus Labofuge 300 centrifuge processes gel tubes and also spins ordinary blood sample and glass tubes. In the field of virus testing, tubes with a gel barrier (gel tubes) are increasingly used. Immediately after a blood sample has been taken, these tubes must be spun. Once centrifugation is complete, the blood plasma is separated from red blood cells by a layer of gel. This gel layer prevents mixing and resultant decomposition of viruses. Unlike fixed angle rotors, which can lead to contamination within the gel tube, the Heraeus Labofuge 300 centrifuge's swinging bucket rotor ensures the gel barrier sticks to the tube wall with no traces of contamination in the plasma. The tubes can then be stored or transported to a laboratory for virus testing.

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