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  • High resolution simultaneous ICP-OES for elemental analysis of liquids
  • Robust generator handles extreme plasma loads
  • Innovative optics eliminate consumable purge gases, ensure long-term stability
  • Outstanding resolution
  • Affordable price and low cost of ownership


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Engineered to excel - A new level of performance for routine laboratory analysis

SPECTROBLUE leverages more than 30 years of benchmark service and experience in inductively coupled plasma optical emission (ICP-OES, ICP-AES also ICP plasma) spectroscopy. The spectrometer is available in three rugged, ultra-reliable versions:

  • SPECTROBLUE TI with both axial and radial view

Visit the SPECTROBLUE Resource Center for more information about eliminating gas purging and external cooling. The system comes equipped with SPECTRO's proprietary SMART ANALYZER VISION software, making it easy to take full advantage of the instrument's simplified operation and unique analytical capabilities.

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Thermally stabilized to +15%°C ± 0.5°C
Hollow section design in double Paschen-Runge mounting
750 mm focal length
Holographic concave master grating
Grating material Zerodur
Full 1st order wavelength coverage
Wavelength range: 165 - 770 nm
Entrance slits width: 15 µm

15 linear CCD arrays
3648 pixels per array
Optical/pixel resolution: 165-285 nm 8 pm/3 pm, >285 nm 16 pm/6 pm
Thermally stabilized optical system (+15°C ± 0.5°C)
Parallel readout architecture
On board digital signal processor for each CCD array
Dynamic range up to 9 orders of magnitude
Shortest integration time 0.1 ms
Shortest measurement time for one analysis: 4 sec (includes measurement and evaluation of the complete spectrum)
Full spectrum access
Automatic dark current correction

UV System
UV-PLUS System
Gas (Argon) filled hollow section, sealed, no consumable purge gas required
Dual Window entrance optics, easy to maintain
Automatic gas purifying system
Lifetime of the purifying cartridge: 24 months

LDMOS solid state design
Frequency: 27.12 MHz, free running type
RF power output: 0.5 to 1.7 kW
Power efficiency: >85%
Power stability <0.1%
Automatic plasma ignition
Stand-by mode (low power, low argon)
Air cooled (No external cooling required)




HGX-200, Hydride generation and cold vapor system
The HGX-200 is a specialized system for the generation of volatile hydride species or the reduction of mercury to Hg(0)(cold vapor). Elements of interest that form volatile hydrides include the difficult to measure elements As and Se.

ASX-260, versatile autosampler
The compact and efficient design of the ASX-260 two-rack autosampler preserves precious laboratory bench space. Ideal for low to medium volume sample applications, these autosamplers provide all of the fully automated features in compact, easy to use sample introduction systems.

ASX-520, rugged autosampler
The ASX-520 Random Access Intelligent Autosampler provides a fully automated sample introduction system with over 75 interfaces to host instruments from 35 manufacturers.
Ideal for medium to high volume sample applications, the ASX-520 features a metal-free liquid flow path, corrosion resistant coating on all metal parts and can withstand the harshest chemical environments while maintaining unsurpassed accuracy.

EXR-8, extended rack autosampler
The innovative design of the EXR-8 with a fixed tray and moveable autosampler increases sample capacity to 720 samples while reducing valuable bench space requirements.

ADX-500, autodiluting sampler
The ADX-500 offers a solution for unattended, in-line dilution and analysis. A dual probe system is used to separate uptake for sample dilution and delivery of the sample to the ICP. As the ICP determines over ranged concentrations, samples are automatically diluted and re-sampled. The ADX-500 comes complete with an ASX-520 Autosampler.



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