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  • Determination of Na-U in completely unknown samples in all matrixes
  • Unique setup of optics deliver WD-XRF performance at an ED-XRF price
  • Plug and play application packages
  • Large area, high resolution, Silicon Drift Detector for unrivalled sensitivity
  • Easy operation and a sample changer for 8 (with spinner option), 12 or 25 samples


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ED-XRF Analysis with exceptional performance

The new SPECTRO XEPOS spectrometer represents a quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology. It provides breakthrough advances in multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations. New developments in excitation and detection deliver outstanding sensitivity and detection limits — yielding remarkable gains in precision and accuracy.

The amazing SPECTRO XEPOS excels at critical tasks from rapid screening analysis to precise product quality control. Apply it for at-line processing in a variety of industries, for geology and mining, for environmental and waste monitoring, and for research and academia.

Different versions maximize performance for selected elemental groups in specific matrices. An innovative X-ray tube and unique new adaptive excitation technology furnish the highest possible sensitivity, optimized to target elements of choice.

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X-ray tube with thick binary Pd/Co alloy anode with air-cooling
Max. power: 50 W
Max. voltage: 50 kV (60 kV in XEPOS HE)
Adaptive excitation system with optimized filters
HAPG polarizer for improved sensitivity of elements in the range Na-Cl (in XEPOS C, P, HE)
Bandpass filter for improved performance for elements in the range K-Mn (in XEPOS P, HE)

SDD with Peltier cooling
Large detector area (30 mm2, active area 20 mm2)
Spectral resolution (FWHM) ≤ 130 eV for Mn K-alpha
Input count rate up to 1,000,000 counts per second
Detector filter changer for active pile-up reduction (optional in XEPOS P, standard in XEPOS HE)

Environmental Conditions
Room temperature: 10-35 °C (50-95 °F)

465 (H) x 618 (W) x 730 (D) mm

approx. 65 kg

Electrical Requirements
90 – 253 VAC; 50/60 Hz
16 A (slow blow fuse)
Approx. 1200 W power consumption

Available options

Available options

Sample handling options
Sample tray with 12 positions for samples with diameters of 32
or 40 mm
Sample tray with 25 positions for samples with diameter 20 mm
Sample spinner (for 40 mm samples), recommended for all versions,
standard for XEPOS HE
Sample tray for sample spinning with eight positions (for 40 mm samples)
Analysis in He atmosphere or in vacuum

Application package options
TurboQuant II screening
Fundamental parameters method
Packages for various applications (e.g., oil, cement)
Customer specific application packages available on request

Helium Supply Requirements
Consumption: Typical 4.5 l per sample analysis

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