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Sysmex pocH-100i


  • Haematological analysis based on impedance technology with hydrodynamic focusing. On the spot.
  • Single reagent package for simple operation
  • Greater diagnostic value for detecting and monitoring infections and inflammations thanks to a separated neutrophil count within the scope of the 3-part differential
  • Network-enabled for powerful data management
  • Optional open tube analysis – safe and quick

pocH-100i - Small in size, big on performance

The pocH-100i demonstrates perfectly why size doesn't matter. And that being compact can actually have some significant benefits. Using Sysmex’s proven impedance technology with hydrodynamic focusing, this great 3-part differential analyser delivers absolute counts based on defined volume analysis with the excellent reliability typical of all our instruments.

Thanks to its compact size, and because we designed it with the user in mind, the pocH-100i is easy to use and a great solution for both inside and outside the classical laboratory environment. You’ll find it particularly useful in advanced doctors’ practices, small rural health centres, or on the ward. And both your laboratory and non-laboratory staff will be operating it with confidence in no time. You’ll enjoy the fact that thanks to its IT features and connectivity, you can include it in any workflow solution. For extra peace of mind, we’ve equipped it with an integrated, plug-and-work reagent management system. It doesn't really get any easier.

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Top technology counts

Sysmex is known around the world for the quality of its haematology analysers and service. In fact, we are the world’s leading company in this field. We invest equal effort in all our products – from our very large high-end systems to our smaller, portable systems like the pocH-100i.

Just because something is small, doesn't mean it can't deliver great results. The pocH-100i uses the same detection technology for red blood cells and platelets as our large analysers: advanced sheath flow impedance technology. This hydrodynamic focusing is more precise than ordinary methods as it eliminates potential errors such as coincidence and recirculation. Because it uses Sysmex's absolute counting principle, you don’t need to calibrate the particle counts yourself, which will save you a significant amount of time and effort.

A great reagent solution

A great reagent solution

Our pocH-100i has a great, easy-to-use reagent system – the pocH-65 XL reagent pack. This smart pack provides all necessary reagents and is easy to store and handle, which can be particularly useful when moving your device around a GP’s practice or ward.  

Attaching the reagent pack is also simple and safe as it uses colour codes and special markings. And as the device does not use much reagent volume per test, it’s cost-efficient with an increased number of tests per pack.

Even the simplest systems and best device technology can fail if there’s contamination or if low quality reagents are used. That’s why producing the best quality reagents is a top priority for Sysmex. Our Germany-based production site applies the very latest, internationally acknowledged standards and is subject to stringent quality control. It features an ISO-certified analytical lab that continuously monitors every batch. This means when you use our reagents, you can deliver reliable analytical data at all times, and ultimately ensure the durability of your system.

Greater diagnostic value

Greater diagnostic value

Our smallest 3-part differential analyser offers a diagnostic value that many larger and more expensive devices cannot equal. Average analysers identify three cell groups, based on size only: small cells (lymphocytes), medium cells (monocytes) and large cells (granulocytes). Our pocH-100i goes one step further by identifying a distinct population of neutrophils, with monocytes, eosinophils and basophils counted together as mixed cells. Being able to identify elevated neutrophil counts is a powerful way of assessing acute phase inflammatory and infectious conditions. They serve as an earlier marker for disease and therefore offer superior clinical utility than that of a simple monocyte count.  

Thanks to the absolute counting, flexible thresholds and sensitive flagging for pathological results, you can now enjoy greater diagnostic ‘peace of mind’.

Safe and convenient

Safe and convenient

Safety comes first in any laboratory – especially in one that analyses blood. Making sure everything is safe and secure is probably even more critical for portable devices that may be used by either laboratory or less experienced non-laboratory staff in a more dynamic environment.  

Our pocH-100i can be operated with both closed and open tubes so that you can adapt it to the wishes and experience of the user. And because it needs only a small sample volume for testing, you can use several tube types. We’ve also made sample identification easy – and pretty much error-proof – as you can simply use a barcode reader to identify your test sample.

Quality (control) matters

Quality (control) matters

Another area that encourages user confidence is our quality control system. Our human blood-based control material Eightcheck-3WP is available in cap-pierceable vials with an optional external survey scheme, IQAS. Now you can rely on the perfor­mance of your analyser and its results. This new QC handling is safe and simple: all Eightcheck-3WP information, such as lot number, expiry date and assay values can be entered automatically. Simply scan it with a bar code reader from the assay sheet.  

Our attention to detail is also reflected in the robustness and reliability of the pocH-100i. Experience shows that end-user maintenance requirements are minimal and extremely simple to execute.

Keep your data secure - networking

Keep your data secure - networking

Transporting specimens and waiting for the results is time consuming. And sometimes saving time is essential for the patient. Sysmex’s poch-100i analyses samples instantaneously - independently of centralised service institutions.  

The pocH-100i offers the most advanced interface and expandability in its class. It provides numerous output features and extended data storage capacities. You can display results on the LCD touch screen and also print according to your individual needs. Using a serial port (RS232C) or LAN (Ethernet), you can transmit numerical analysis results, histogram information and quality control data to the host computer for long-term storage and data consolidation inside the laboratory.  

It’s great to know your data is safe, as you can connect the analyser to a network and the host computer. It saves time – for you, your staff, and your patient.




DC detection method (WBC)

DC detection method with sheath flow (RBC, PLT)

cyanide-free photometry (HGB)

cumulative pulse height method (HCT)


whole blood mode


LYM (#,%), MXD (#,%), NEUT (#,%),


pre-diluted mode



approx. 148 sec/sample

Aspiration volume

15 μL (whole blood); 20 μL sample volume (pre-diluted mode)

Quality control

2 QC programs (Xbar control; Levey-Jennings); 6 QC files, QC charts

internal daily QC: Sysmex Eightcheck-3WP

external QC: Sysmex IQAS*


hand-held bar code reader

open sampling needle modification


wxhxd[mm]/[kg]: 185 x 350 x 460 / 14

*Please ask your local representative whether this service is available in your region.

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