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The accuracy of digital, the flexibility of analogue

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see not only a portion of a tissue section, but the entire scan on a large screen? Or to easily exchange images with your colleagues and partners? In real-time, with award-winning accuracy, and the flexibility to even cover either on-site sharing or remote locations. Sysmex offers a variety of digital solutions for the tissue-processing laboratory that are customised especially for you – for both routine work and complex research.

Whether you are using fluorescence (FL) or bright-field (BF), the foremost demand for any scan is quality. Making the most of the tissue material you have to create high-resolution tissue sections without loss of quality and as comprehensive an image as possible. Depending on your hardware, you can even create your image in 3D. Our digital scanners open up genuinely new opportunities in pathology. Once you have created your tissue section image, you can view and edit your result as you see fit, depending on your needs.


Sysmex is representing 3DHISTECH Ltd. (the name is derived from „Three-dimensional Histological Technologies”) in several European countries. As the first European manufacturer, 3DHISTECH is one of the market leaders in the world. Being one of the pioneers in this field, 3DHISTECH develops and manufactures high speed digital slide scanners that create high quality brightfield and fluorescent digital slides, digital histology software and tissue microarray machinery.

3DHISTECH’s broader aim is to fully digitalize the traditional pathology workflow so that it can adapt to the ever growing demands of healthcare today. Furthermore, educational programs are also organized to help pathologists learn and master these new technologies easier.


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