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NA-37 Environmental sound monitor

  • Multiple interfaces for flexible data collection via LAN, public telecom line, leased analog line, USB memory etc.
  • High-capacity internal memory provides ample long term data storage capability (1 month or more)
  • Optional internal GPS module provides automatic time correction and position information
  • Internal battery with auto-shutdown and auto restart functions assures operation also during power failure


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The NA-37 system is designed based on long-termexperience and technology of Rion in noise measurement field. Investigations into functions and endurance required for yearlong and automatic measurement of environmental noise, simplicity of a maintenance and reliability are fully conducted in designing process of this system. The NA-37 system provides with various functions and features such as all-weather type microphone with built-in automatic acoustic calibrator, operation and data backup with battery while power failure, long-periods data recording in PC memory card, data transfer using communication network, color LCD screen, real sound data recording, etc. Noise measurement and processing functions are completely automated. Two types of program card, NX-37A for environmental noise measurement and NX-37B for aircraft noise measurement, are provided and can be selected in accordance with your needs.

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