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Malvern Archimedes

  • Ideally positioned for biopharmaceutical manufacturers and developers
  • Unique and accurate particle counting capability in the size range 50nm - 5µm
  • Exquisite sensitivity: measurement of particle mass to 350ag
  • Highly accurate particle size measurement from 50nm to 5µm with excellent size resolution, <20nm at 1µm diameter
  • Low sample consumption: only 100µL


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Particle Metrology System

Archimedes is an innovative, high-performance system which harnesses the technique of resonant mass measurement in order to detect and count particles in the size range 50nm - 5µm and to measure particle mass and size. Archimedes is uniquely positioned to quantitatively measure protein aggregates within and beyond the range of 100nm - 1µm, highlighted as a particular concern for immunogenicity and product safety.

Central to Archimedes is a MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology sensor, allowing the highly sensitive, reliable and reproducible measurement of aggregates, one by one. Archimedes is also capable of providing information on sample concentration, viscosity, polydispersity, density and volume, and distinguishing between negatively buoyant proteinaceous particles and positively buoyant contaminating silicone oil droplets.

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Measurement type 1: Particle size
Measurement range: 50nm* - 5µm
Accuracy: Better than +/- 1% on NIST traceable latex standards
Precision/Repeatability: Better than +/- 1% on NIST traceable latex standards
Resolution: Better than +/- 20nm at 1µm, polystyrene beads in H2O

Measurement type 2: Particle Buoyant Mass
Lower Limit of Detection: 450ag.
Accuracy:Better than +/- 3% on NIST traceable latex standards.
Precision/Repeatability:Better than +/- 3% on NIST-traceable latex standards

Measurement type 3: Particle Counting/Sample Concentration
Measurement range:104 particles/mL - 109 particles/mL.
Accuracy: Better than +/- 10% on NIST traceable latex standards.
Precision/Repeatability: Better than +/- 5% on NIST traceable latex standards.

Measurement principle: Resonant Mass Measurement
Drawn sample volume: 100µL.
Measured Sample Volume Range: 10nL - 10µL
Sample Viscosity Range:<1 cP - 50 cP
Accuracy in Fluid Density: <0.002g/cc for densities in range 0.8g/cc - 1.2g/cc.
Patents:US 8087284 B2
Light source:685nm, 35mW laser

610 (W) x 585 (D) x 305 (H) mm


How it works

How it works

Archimedes uses the technique of resonant mass measurement to count and characterize particles. At the heart of Archimedes is a MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) sensor. Two types of sensor: the Micro sensor and the Nano sensor, are available for various applications. Each sensor comprises a microfluidics network and a minute cantilever which resonates with a particular frequency. Embedded in this cantilever is a microfluidic channel. As the advanced fluidics system of Archimedes pushes sample through this channel, the resonant frequency of the cantilever alters. This shift in the frequency of resonance is measured by a laser, focused on the tip of the cantilever, which is then transmitted to a split photodiode detector.

Each particle which passes through the sensor causes a change in the resonant frequency, giving an accurate and precise measurement of the particle’s buoyant mass – whether positive or negative - in the sample. From this measurement, the mass, size (equivalent sphere), and surface area of the particle are calculated. Overall measurements are also made of sample concentration, density, volume, and polydispersity.

Accompanying Archimedes is ParticleLab software, offering flexibility and versatility in both instrument control and data manipulation and presentation. ParticleLab is straightforward and intuitive, enabling precise instrument control and adjustment and a range of data handling capabilities.



Calibration standards
NIST monodisperse calibration standards for Micro and Nano sensors
Two types of calibration standards are available for use in Archimedes. These standards are monodisperse and each contains NIST latex microspheres of a particular size and density. Each standard is supplied pre-mixed to the correct concentration for immediate use with Archimedes.

SensorsThe heart of ArchimedesTwo sensors are available for use with Archimedes: the Hi-Q Micro and Nano sensors, which allow different sample volumes and are capable of detecting particles of different sizes and masses. The Micro and Nano sensors are an integral part of Archimedes, providing a microfluidic channel embedded in a micro-cantilever, through which the sample to be measured is passed.

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