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Krüss K20

  • Semi-automatic portable tensiometer for QA purpose in the lab or field, resolution 0,1 mN/m
  • Ring, plate and density method
  • Manual or motor-driven movement of sample table with large range of stage speed
  • Large illuminated sample chamber
  • Ring correction Harkins & Jordan, Zuidema & Waters, linear


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The flexible tensiometer for basic quality assurance

K20 is a robust, semi-automatic instrument for the precise measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension. Using the ring and plate method as the main tensiometric methods, it produces reliable measurements for the routine quality assurance of your surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

K20 measures surface tension and interfacial tension based on the wetting force acting on a measuring probe. The instrument's precision force sensor and the measuring probes in the form of meticulously produced rings and plates ensure accurate and reproducible results. The density of liquids can also be measured very easily and precisely. The option of long-life battery operation, the integrated memory and the low weight of the instrument also enable our K20 to be used flexibly on site.

Simple, semi-automatic measurement
The simple manual operation of the sample stage and the large, illuminated sample chamber enable the sample to be quickly set up and positioned. When one of the pre-prepared measuring programs is started, the motorized sample stage moves to enable the measurement to be carried out conveniently and accurately. The speed and other measurement parameters can be adapted flexibly to suit. This enables the measuring sequence to be easily optimized for the upper or lower measuring range of surface and interfacial tension. The accuracy of the measurement is enhanced by the magnetically locking windshield which prevents the troublesome effect of air currents.

Equipment for flexible measuring conditions
The optional thermostat jacket for our K20 enables process conditions for temperatures between ‑10 and 100 °C to be simulated exactly. For example, this enables the addition of surfactant to be optimized for a particular technical process. With dispersions, an integral magnetic stirrer ensures that the sample is uniformly mixed before the measurement is carried out.

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Force measurement
Maximum load: 50g
Resolution: 100µg
Precision: 300µg
Measurement rate: 5Hz
Adjustment: Automated, external weight
Adjustment weight: CP0501, 20g

Sample stage
Travel distance: >90mm

Du Noüy Ring
Range: 1 to 999 mN/m
Resolution: 0.1 mN/m

Wilhelmy plate
Range:  1 to 999 mN/m
Resolution: 0.1 mN/m

Temperature control
Type: Liquid
Range: -10 to 90 °C

270 (W) × 350 (D) × 430 (H) mm

11kg (without accessories)

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