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Krüss DVT50

  • Fully automatic software controlled measurements of dynamic interfacial and surface tension
  • Falling drop, rising drop
  • Measuring range 0.1-100 mN/m, measuring resolution 0.001 mN/m
  • Use of thin-walled capillary
  • Rapid sample exchange thanks to simple filling and cleaning procedures


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Analysis of emulsions under dynamic conditions

The effect of a surfactant as an emulsifier is based on the fact that it reduces the interfacial tensionbetween phases which do not easily mix. As surfactants need a certain time to do this, the effect of an emulsifier depends on the mixing dynamics. With our Drop Volume Tensiometer - DVT50, you can measure the speed with which emulsifiers produce their effect and reduce the interfacial tension. The DVT50 spectrum ranges from very fast to very slow processes. This enables the dynamic mixing behavior as well as the stability of an emulsion at close to the quiescent state to be determined in a single measurement. The results of the measurement help to precisely optimize and dose surfactants for emulsions.

Automatic, accurate analysis
The instrument analyses the samples fully automatically and without interruption by self-refilling of the dosing syringe. The special design of our dosing capillary ensures high accuracy, and dispenses with the calculation of corrections, which are otherwise necessary with drop volume measurements.

Variable measuring arrangement for different types of emulsion
With the DVT50, we have provided a flexible arrangement of measuring cell and dosing capillary to facilitate the simulation of the proportions in oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions. The results therefore enable the particular emulsion type to be optimized for the actual process. To achieve fast sample changeover and correspondingly high sample throughput, we have made sure that the instrument is easy to handle when filling and cleaning.

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Volume measurement
Maximum volume: 220 µL
Resolution: 1 nL
Measurement rate: 4 Hz

Syringe drive
Syringe volume: 500 µL (syringes from up 50 up to 2500 µL are available)
Flow rate: 0.265 to 1985 µL/min
Resolution: 0.001 µL

Drop volume
Result: Surface tension (SFT)/ Interfacial tension (IFT)
Range: 0.1 to 100 mN/m
Resolution: 0.001 mN/m
Type: SFT: Falling drop IFT: falling drop and rising drop

Sample dimensions
Minimum recommended sample volume: 20 mL

Temperature control
Type: Liquid
Range: -10 to 90 °C
External circulator: Optional

Temperature measurement
Range: -20 to 150 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Precision: ±0.1 °C
Accuracy: ±0.5 °C
Location: Cell

240 (W) × 300 x 495 (H) mm

Weight (without accessories)
13 kg

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