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Krüss DSA30

  • Modular, flexible and upgradeable design with a medium level of automation
  • High resolution camera 60 fps (1000 fps optional)
  • Manual or software controlled single direct and multi dosing system
  • Manual or automatic X-Y-Z axes


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Contact angle measurement in quality control

The Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA30 is a robust instrument which can be used flexibly for the precise measurement of contact angle and surface free energy (SFE). With high-quality components and various automation options, the DSA30 analyses wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. Fast measurements and simple operation make the instrument a valuable part of your routine quality control.

Solutions for reliable surface investigations
Krüss has equipped the DSA30 with a uniform LED lighting unit, high-quality optical components and a high-resolution camera. This results in a precise image of the dispensed drop which ensures that the drop shape can be reliably evaluated for the contact angle. An aperture on the lighting unit provides optimum optical conditions for small contact angles and reflective samples, which otherwise often present a challenge when measuring the contact angle.

The finely adjustable sample table moves the sample quickly and reproducibly to the measuring positions with up to three manual or automatic axes. Dosing units for up to four liquids enable the surface free energy of solid samples to be measured with high accuracy. The pressurized double-dosing unit allows measuring the SFE extremely fast and reliable, using the novel, scientifically validated dosing technique, the Liquid Needle.

Analysis of solids and liquids
As well as measuring the contact angle, DSA30 can also measure the surface tension of liquids using the Pendant Drop method. The measurements provide scientific knowledge relating to the relationship between the wetting of the solid and the liquid properties. This interfacial contact measuring method can be used, for example, to measure and optimize the adhesion and long-term stability of coatings.

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Camera system
150 fps at 1200 × 1200 px
500 fps at 1200 × 350 px
800 fps at 1200 × 200 px
2000 fps at 1200 × 60 px

Up to 3400 fps at 640 × 50 px

Focus: Fixed focus
Zoom: 6.5× microscope zoom, manual
View angle Field of view: 2°

Sessile drop/captive bubble
Result: Contact angle
Range: 0 to 180°
Resolution: 0.01°
Accuracy: 0.3°

Maximum sample space
320 mm × ∞ × 275 mm (W × D × H)

Temperature control
Device:  temperature-controlled sample stage
Type: liquid
Range: -10 to 130 °C
Tempered area: 26 mm × 90 mm (W × D)
Resolution: 0.1 K
External circulator: with liquid

610 (W) × 250 (D) x 610 (H) mm

10 kg

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