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Contact angle & Surface tension

Measuring contact angle and/or surface tension is a common used method in product development and quality control. Both techniques are used for various materials:

  • Electronics
  • Coatings, Paints & Lacquers
  • Fibers, Hairs & Textiles
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Paper, Pulp & Wood
  • Polymers
  • Surfactants

Contact angle (Solids)
Contact angle is an easily accessible and directly observable quantity which describes the wetting and dewetting behaviour of a liquid on a solid surface. The size of the contact angle is influenced by the surface tension of the liquid, the surface free energy of the solid and the interfacial tension which forms between the 2 phases. Contact angle data and surface free energy values are used as a basis for modification of either the substrate or liquid to improve wetting, spreading and/or adhesion. A variety of different methods are available for determination of contact angles of liquids against solid samples.

Surface tension (Liquids)
Predicting the performance of surfactants does not only demand knowledge of its structure and material composition but also knowledge of fundamental properties like surface and interfacial tension. Study of processes at interfaces are important to explain wetting, foam formation and emulsification. We have to distinguish between static and dynamic surface tension measurements. For time dependant processes where new interfaces are generated within fractions of a second, the understanding of the surfactants kinetics becomes more and more important and it is recommended to measure dynamic surface or interfacial tension.

About Krüss
The combination of unique products and highly qualified advice has made Krüss the global market leader in the field of surface tension and interfacial tension. The company is known for its software-controlled measuring technologies for the contact angle and static and dynamic measurement of surface and interfacial tension. Krüss is also specialized in analyzing foams. 

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